Shri Sai Baba did not give any sermons, nor did he write any spiritual thesis, though his scholarship was profound and he could surpass the knowledge of the many pandits and moulanas who often came to him for elucidation of the texts. The source of Sai Baba’s mastery over the scriptures of all religions was as unfathomable as his entire personality was enigmatic. No one knew how this incredible avatar was able to amass so much knowledge and that too in all its immaculate details.
Sai Baba, however, preferred to transmit knowledge and teachings through the spoken word in the age-long tradition of Bharat. Not only spiritual masters but venerated teachers of classical nritya and sangeet preferred this method of transmitting knowledge in the ancient past and many of them do so now.
In view of this, with the encouragement from Swamiji, SSTPS provides scholarships to the meritorious and needy students of different grades under the name “Sai Saraswathi Scholarship” programme. It has been made mandatory that each branch of the Samithi provides this scholarship programme to a minimum of 7 meritorious students.