In the beginning, Shiridi saibaba used to give indigenous medicines for curing the diseases of the people. Later He used to give UDI (holy ash) from the Dhuni (eternal fire place) to the devotees to cure their diseases and to solve other worldly problems. After some time, Baba’s blessings and mere Darshan or His word started curing the diseases and other problems of the devotees.
In this concern, SSTPS is organizing several programmes to provide medical aid to poor people. Under the supervision of Swamiji, SSTPS organized ‘Artificial Limb Donation Programmes’ to donate artificial limbs to the poor handicapped people. SSTPS also organizes blood donation camps and free eye check up camps.

Swamiji stressed the importance of serving the diseased ones which was observed from Shiridi Saibaba’s life who himself served a leprosy patient by name Bhagoji. To serve Leprosy patients ‘Bhagoji Shinde Leprosy Rehabilitation Project’ has been started which provides clothes, medicines, food and educational scholarships to leprosy patients and their childrens.
Recently, SSTPS has started ‘Cancer Awareness Programme’ with the main objective of creating cancer awareness among the masses. At present, in cooperation with ‘Saibaba Cancer Centre’ and other non-profit Cancer Centres, SSTPS is organizing ‘Free Cancer Screening Camps’ and ‘Free General Medical Check up’.