Shiridi Sai Spiritual helpline

Shiridi Sai Spiritual Helpline (I.V.R.S Technology) is the first of its kind in the world established in July 2007 on the occasion of Gurupournami. The purpose of Shiridi Sai Spiritual Helpline is to propagate Sai baba’s life history through e-preachings. This service is mainly started with the intention to provide solutions to the problems of devotees. Sai devotees can find the answers and solutions to their problems directly through a phone call to SHIRIDI SAI SPIRITUAL HELPLINE number. From the day it was started, till date, more than 80,00,000 Sai devotees have used this helpline. The purpose of the Helpline is being served successfully with 100 percent accurate results.
  • +91 9959066663
  • +91 9959077772
  • +91 9959466663