Shri Shiridi Sai Maha Sankalpa Sidda Dhuni Puja

Shri Shiridi Sai Maha Sankalpa Sidda Dhuni Puja is one of the promising pujas performed by Swamiji on special occasions (Amavasya and Pournami) and festivals to shower the divine blessings of Saibaba to all devotees. During Dhuni puja, Saibaba will be worshipped in the form of Agni or fire and offered with materials such as ghee, coconut, navadhanyas etc., Dhuni puja will be performed with mantras, ashtothara shatha namavali and sounds of diverse musical instruments.
Shiridi Saibaba gave a special importance to Dhuni who performed Nityagnihotram or Dhuni at Dwarakamayi. Hence Dhuni puja plays a very important role in worshiping Saibaba. Swamiji says that during Dhuni puja, Baba worshiped in the form of Agni, receives Karmas of devotees through their offerings. And also, during dhuni puja, the divine blessings of Saibaba will be transmitted to the devotees symbolizing the eternal process of change and transformation.

Devotees experience the presence of super soul during Dhuni puja and their wishes or Sankalpas will be fulfilled. The uniqueness of the puja lies in the manifestation of Saibaba into panchabhutas and ten different Shakthi forms in-order to fulfill all kinds of worldly wishes and for the spiritual upliftment.