SAI SENA is a youthful wing established by Swami Shri Sai Viswachaitanya on 26-01-2014 to provide young people with a positive outlet for their time and energy at the same time as cultivating humanity, personal and professional skills for their future. It runs in cooperation with Shridi Sai Tatwa Prachara Samithi and conducts diverse recreational, educational and service activities. The mission of Sai Sena is to realize the potential of youth as healthy, active and responsible family and community members.


Working under the guidance of Swamiji, Sai Sena aspires to promote the philosophical teachings and service activities preached by Sai baba. Sai Sena pursues this objective through innovative programmes such as education, food, blood donation camps, cancer awareness programmes, cancer screening camps, general medical camps and other charitable service activities for various needy people.
Sai Sena members also benefit from intern-run personality development and professional development classes focusing on exchange of ideas, interview skills and résumé building. Thus skill-based trainings increase employability, and voluntary program participation encourages a culture of charitability, humanity and civic engagement among the youth. Sai sena aims to spread love and affection among the people having tolerance power to other religions and to promote brotherhood across the mankind.