Sai Manasa Vasistyamu

Sai Manasa Vasistyamu, (Mana Sai Kathalu) is a telefilm produced by SSTPS, AP which was directed by Swami Shri Sai Viswachaitanya. It was telecasted in Bhakthi TV channel as weekly episodes from April 2011 to May 2012 on every Sunday. Sai Manasa Vasistyamu was produced with the sole objective to create a deep impact of Saibaba life history on devotees through visualization.
The life histories of Nana Saheb Chandorakar, Dasaganu Maharaj, Bhaktha Mahalsapathi, Sri Nachne, Babu Tendulkar, Hemadpanth, Shyama, Laxmibayi, Kashinath Shimpi were picturized beautifully in Sai Manasa Vasistyamu. With the grace of Saibaba, Swamiji has taken the role of Shiridi Saibaba in this SaiManasa Vasistyamu. Sai manasa vasistyamu gives a brief jist of devotees life history who coexiststed with Saibaba and how their lives turned towards Saibaba and the way they were blessed by him.