Shri Shirdi Sai Pulabhishekam

Shri Shiridi Sai Pulabhishekam is an extraordinary program conducted by Swamiji in every Gnanayagnam and on festival occasions. It is a unique kind of Abhishekam performed to Shri Shiridi Saibaba with different kinds of flowers.
It is a great experience to all devotees and every devotee feels an immense pleasure and joy. In this, Baba will be worshipped with seven different kinds of flowers like Jasmin, Rose, Chrysanthimum, Hibiscus etc., The song associated with Pulabhishekam symbolizes devotee’s intense wish to worship Sai with different colored flowers in each day of the week. It is a noteworthy fact that, Baba’s grace showers on the devotees who participate in the Pulabhishekam.