About Sri Sai Vishwa Chaitanya Swamiji

Swami Sri Sai Vishwa Chaitanya is a renowned Sai tatwa pracharak and founder of Shiridi Sai Tatwa Prachara Samithi. He was born on 27th November 1971 in an advocate family in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) to Smt. Kusuma & Shri Ambatipudi Venkateswara Sharma. Swamiji spent his childhood and youth with his parents and younger brothers. He was called as Viswanatha Murali until he started his spiritual journey. He used to leave his elders flabbergasted by his witty replies which gave evidence of his luminous wisdom, praise worthy at that tender age.
Swamiji began his early education in Vijayawada where his father was working and graduated in Physics, Mathematics and Geology from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Having finished, Honors Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT, Swamiji was running his own software company Swamiji experienced his first spiritual ecstasy at the age of 31 years when Shiridi Sai Baba appeared in his dream, saying "I'm here in your home, take me out". He reportedly became so absorbed by this dream and started digging the floor with faith. The moment he saw Swamyambhu Shesha Sai Baba (Self-Manifested Shesha Saibaba), he lost outward consciousness and experienced indescribable joy in that state. This incident became a major breakthrough in his life and Swamiji reportedly had similar nature of experiences a few other times while worshipping Swamyambhu Shesha Sai Baba, and performing abhishekam, harathi and bhajans. With the call from his Sadguru Shiridi Sai, Swamiji at the age of 32 years, left all his company activities, took a diversion, established Shiridi Sai Tatwa Prachara Samithi and started propagating sai tatwam.

Swamiji’s teachings were based on his in-depth understanding of Shri Saibaba life history emphasizing god-realization as the supreme goal of all living beings. He is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. He is strongly rooted in pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, Swamiji works tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well being of all. His immense contribution to society and humanity can be acknowledged through the service activities conducted on the name of ‘Pancha seva harathulu’.

Swamiji is skilled with words and possess an extraordinary way of preaching which conveys Sai Tatwam to even a common person. Swamiji’s delivers discourses on several topics such as Shri Sai Satcharithra, Shri Sai harathulu, Sai ashtothara shata namavali, Guru geetha, Sthavana manjari, experiences of Saibaba devotees. His speeches reportedly revealed a sense of joy, pleasure and fascination with the ultimate knowledge of god-realization and liberation.
Swamiji is a Realized Master. The main objective of Swamiji is to realize devotees that Shiridi Sai is dear and near to all. He has shown the way for people to attain their natural joy and to live life with experience from one's own inner nature. His presence is filled with grace and compassion. His approach towards spirituality and work towards the upliftment of humanity have received accolades.
Swamiji’s discourses related to “Sai Satcharitra, Sai Harathulu, Sai ashtothara shathanamavali, Devotee’s experiences” have been telecasted in various TV channels like Zee Telugu, Gemini movies, Bhakti TV and CVR OM channel. Swamiji was considered as first preacher to start spiritual discourses on Sai baba through Satellite channel which was telecasted in ‘Zee Telugu’ Satellite channel for 3.5 years (from 10-12-2005 to 30-6-2009). Sai devotees got inspired through Swamiji’s discourses and experienced the grace of Shiridi Sai baba through “Samasyalu Meevi Samaadhanalu Sai vi”.
Swamiji’s gnanayagna pravachana saptahas are being conducted on several topics of Shri Sai Satcharithra, Shri Sai harathulu, Sai asthathora shata namavali, Guru geetha, Sthavana manjari and experiences of Sai devotees. Till date nearly 226 Shiridi Sai Geetha Gnana Yagna Pravachana Sapthahas are being organized throughout Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. One of the major landmarks in Pravachana Gnanayagnas was the organization of Swamiji’s Pravachanas in Samadhi Mandir, Shiridi, which was being considered as first and last of its kind in the history of Shiridi. Swamiji was the first spiritual leader in the world to start a ‘Shiridi Sai Spiritual Helpline’ with IVRS technology for e-preechings of Shiridi Saibaba and solutions to devotee’s problems. Swamiji also bares the credit of releasing ‘Pocket Size Sai Sachharithra & Harathulu’, for the first time in the world. Another landmark in propagating Sai Tatwam was the making of ‘Sai Manasa Vasistyamu’, directed by Swamiji that visualized the life histories of devotees lived with Shiridi Saibaba and the serial was being telecasted in Bhakthi TV from 2011 to 2012.
Rushing to the calls of his devotees many times, Swamiji pulled them out from the jaws of death. Swamiji’s words ‘Nammithe sommu – Nammakapothe dummu’ have created deep waves of belief and attachment in the hearts of devotees. Swamiji always claimed himself as a sevak to Saibaba. Swamiji’s statement, saying that he is just a post master who is deployed to deliver blessings from Saibaba to his devotee, explains his simplicity and honesty. In the lives of every saint they had to face onslaught of humiliation and torture. Swamiji too had no escape from it. Just as an axe which had been used to cut down sandalwood tree would be blessed with the fragrance of sandalwood. Swamiji emanated love and kindness to the very person who came to sting him with their poisonous fangs of cruelty, humiliation and torture. He always says "I am for all who come to me irrespective of cast, creed, status and gender”. SSTPS works with the aim to make Sai devotees experience the real spirituality and to create global harmony and progress. SSTPS serves people who are in need regardless of race, religion, caste, and thrives for their spiritual upliftment. The organization conducts extensive service activities such as providing free education, feeding to the poor, providing free medical aid and clothes to the needy under the name ‘Pancha Seva Harathulu’.