Swamiji’s Pravachana Gnanayagnam at Samadhi Mandir, Shiridi

It is a privilege to mention that Swamiji’s gnanayagna pravachan was conducted at Samadhi Mandir, Shridi in the year 2009 for 7 days, which is a major landmark in the history of SSTPS and Shiridi Saibaba Samsthan. At Sai Bhaktha Sammelanam, Nellore (2014), Mr. GondKar, Ex-Trustee of Shiridi Sai baba Samsthan, proudly announced that only Shri Sai Viswa Chaitanya Swamiji, for the first time was officially given the chance of conducting pravachans at Samadhi Mandir. And from there after no one is encouraged for this purpose in the history of Shiridi Samsthan. This is a privilege to Sai devotees and especially to Telugu people.