Photo Exhibition on Saibaba’s Life History at Nampally

A photo exhibition exclusively on Saibaba’s life history has been organized by SSTPS, AP in the year 2003 at Nampally exhibition grounds, Hyderabad. The rare photos of Saibaba became a special attraction of the photo exhibition. The unique attraction of the photo exhibition was DashaPanchakam (Avataras of Dattatreya) and Sai Tatwa Pracharaks of three generations (1888-1918, 1918-1990 and 1990-2003).
The pictures of articles used by Baba and old photos of Dwarakamayi, Chavadi, Nanda Deep, Gurusthan, Lendi Bhag and houses of devotees have been displayed in the photo exhibition. It was inaugurated by Swamiji and nearly 5000 Sai devotees attended the exhibition.