Shri Saibaba Cancer Centre - Mission

The sole objective of the Saibaba Cancer centre is to create awareness amongst the men and women on the root causes of cancer incidents, risks involved and remedial measures available with an onsite of free scanning facility.
Saibaba Cancer Centre is located at Shri Shiridi Saibaba Spiritual Centre (SSSC), SAI KONDA’ Erragani mitta, CTM road, Madanapalle, Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh. Initially, Saibaba Cancer Centre is critically working on two important programmes to fight against cancer i.e., creating awareness on cancer and Free cancer screening camps. Cancer awareness programmes are being organized at villages, schools, colleges etc., and they are provided with printed material for their further perusal. The centre also provides the information regarding the charitable hospitals for treating cancer. The first cancer awareness camp was organized on women breast cancer in Markapuram, AP on 23rd December 2014.