Matchbox sized book on Sai Sacharithra

With the divine inspiration of Swami Shri Sai Viswa Chaitanya, a matchbox-sized book on ‘Shri Shiridi Saibaba’ was released on August 7th 2009 at Nampally exhibition grounds, Hyderabad. SSTPS, Andra Pradesh has performed 108 Kakada Harathis at sai devotees houses from February to August, 2009. The completion of 108 Kakada Harathis was celebrated as ‘Maha Kakada Harathi Mahotsavam’ at Nampally grounds which was attended by more than 8000 Saibaba devotees. On this occasion, the book was released by Mr. Adi Narayana Reddy, who donated a golden throne at Shiridi and were distributed freely to all devotees. The book was first of its kind in the world and contained 187 pages, essentially summarizing the original Shiridi Samsthan Sacharithra with a complete version of Sai Chalisa, Prabhakashtakam and Saibaba Ekadasha Sutras.