Shri Shiridi Sai Maha Shakthi Puja

Shiridi Sai Maha Shakthi Puja is an auspicious puja performed under Swayam Vaidekathyavam of Swamiji. This Shakthi puja is associated with rhythmic Nadabheri and maha yantram. This puja is performed for nearly 3 hours either before sunrise or after sunset. Usually it is organized in every Gnanayagnam and on special occasions of festivals to receive divine blessings of Saibaba.
It as an extraordinary and highly energetic puja performed in order to get rid-off their sins and to reduce past karmas. In Sai Satcharithra, it is evident that Shiridi Sai Baba, declared himself as Jaganmatha and given darshan to several devotees as Shiva, Vital, Rama, Krishna, Maruthi, Durga etc., During this Shakthi puja, Saibaba will be worshipped as Ganapathi, panchabhutas and most importantly as incarnation of ten different forms of Shakthi.
Saibaba will be worshipped as Shubankarudu to grant bliss and prosperity to the devotees. Several devotees reported that their wishes have been fulfilled successfully and their problems were solved unexpectedly after performing Maha Shatki puja.